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'Govt will not pass laws to ban encryption' – Baroness Shields

Camilla Smythe


She said: "The Prime Minister did not advocate banning encryption; he expressed concern that many companies are building end-to-end encrypted applications and services and not retaining the keys.

She added that companies that provide end-to-end encrypted applications, such as Whatsapp, which is apparently used by the terror group calling itself Islamic State, must be subject to decryption and that information handed over to law enforcement "in extremis".

Excuse me Mr and Ms complete and utter fucking stupid fucking dimbulbs.

As a member of '$OurDeity Against $YourDeity and Your Spawn, The Only True Path' me and my colleagues regularly use our Linux things to generate TLS and PGP key pairs so we can exchange tasty recipes securely over the Internet and via e-mail.

You may ask "in extremis", has that got something to do with being at the point of orgasm?, for our 'secret' ones but expect to get a face-full of Bolognese Flan up your respective fannies in response.

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