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> [lack of JRPGs] is perhaps the biggest reason besides the RRoD, why I hate the XBOX brand as much as I do.

Uh, okay,I think 'hate' is a bit strong for something that merely doesn't offer your taste in games. If the RRoD issue could have been foreseen, it wouldn't have occurred. The XBOX360 disc-scratch issue was annoying, though.

I actually do prefer the game selection for the PS3 over the Xbox360 - there were more interesting games, such as 'Flower'.

>The world such as it is DOES NOT revolve 'round Halo 5, or Gears of War 17 Fragfest. Which I kinda fail to get since those players would rather be in the PC Mustardrace.

People like to play splitscreen with friends in the same room, which Halo and Gears of War allow. It's fun, and reminds us of playing splitscreen GoldenEye on the N64.

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