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The battle of Cupertino: Jailbreakers do it for freedom, not cash

Bob Dole (tm)

I don't jailbreak my device

I don't jailbreak my device. If I wanted a completely open eco system, I'd go Android.

Personally, I like that Apple keeps a team employed which decides what is and isn't available via the app store. It means that I don't have to worry if that new photo app is surreptitiously uploading everything about me to some unknown website. Yes, this means that I'm willing to trade a little bit of freedom for the safety of their walled garden.

Obviously not everyone wants that. So, for them there is a choice: Android. Have fun with that hotbed of virus activity and constant swapping out of devices in order to run the latest OS. Some might think that's worth it: I don't.

So, yea, thanks go to the jailbreaking team for doing the security research so that Apple can continue to plug holes.

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