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Dave Horn


Please, PLEASE, give the "Microsoft-is-spying-on-you-for-evil-purposes" spiel a rest.

Seriously, banging on about this is simply publicly announcing your ignorance: partly because it's bloody obvious that they'll collect some personal data; partly because it's been happening for ages; and mostly because I didn't hear anyone bleating about it when Google and Apple started hoovering up personal info many moons ago.

I use Android on my phone 'cos I like it (and so far there only seem to be a few black helicopters following me around). The personal data issue doesn't bother me in the slightest, provided Google look after it. I take the same view with MS and Windows 10. And frankly, you know what? At the moment I actually trust Microsoft more simply because they're admitted that they're collecting personal data to make the service better*, not to flog me targeted ads.

* at the moment... ;-)

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