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The "Jailbreak game"

When I got my mitts on an iPhone 4, the first thing I did was jailbreak the fucker!

Enter Cydia, the Pandora's Box of Apps.. it was great, I could change the entire look and feel of the phone as well as run Windows 95, Telnet, Bluetooth file transfer, and play Quake (original) on it too... to name just a few of the great Apps that were for offer on Cydia.

Then came the updates, then a new jailbreak, then an update... and the war went on between the jailbreakers and Apple.

In the end, I had to settle for a "tethered jailbreak" where the cable had to be connected to the computer in order to invoke the jailbreak, but if you power cycled the phone.. back to Apple's ring fenced IOS..

I have to admire the jailbreak teams, endlessly committed to their debauchery against Apple's IOS factory offerings. It's great that these guys and girls still tirelessly continue to find a workaround to Apple's "limitations" but, jailbreaking isn't for everyone.

Most people I know with Apple handsets / tablets have never done a jailbreak, the whole process of updating the OS with 'modified code' scares the bejezus out of most everyday iPhone users.

It's the younger and tech savvy people who embark in this process, even ignoring IOS updates, pending a jailbreak solution being available for the newest IOS release.

The jailbreaks do offer the "freedom" some seek from Apple's App Store Apps and Cydia's offerings also require a level of common sense, as in: Beware of what's out there!

All I can say is: Keep on jailbreaking guys and girls!

[Confession: I am now an Android phone and tablet user. My other half still owns and lover her iPhone dearly, but she will not let me jailbreak it.. ]

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