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"Really, is EVERYONE in the UK as ignorant, patronizing, parochial and uninformed about Americans as you are?"

Dunno, I don't live there any more, but I can relate to it. My sadly deceased best friend was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Louisiana where following graduation he fled the draft by coming to live in Tasmania. In the late 1980s he went on a visit to the USA where his family inflicted what appears to be a typical American diet on him. "Instant" mashed potatoes, "instant" dehydrated peas etc...

When he returned and I asked how the trip had gone, he replied that all he could think of was coming to my place to eat. Chicken for dinner meant a trip to the hen-house, vegetables came straight from the garden. Even the wine was made on the farm.

I agree with you about locally grown beef though. I agist the neighbour's cattle in return for a freezer full of beef each year and it's wagyu x Murray grey. I also purchase a quarter of Hereford grown out for a year longer than commercial growers once a year. It's even tastier than wagyu and definitely cheaper than meat from butcher or supermarket. Home-made bacon definitely is an entirely different substance to what the supermarkets sell.

Frankly I will stick with eating gourmet fare every day and the ROTW can subsist on food-like substances as much as it wants. I'm not going to eat any.

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