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Re: US anything Meat I agree @SteveDavies not on your life....

Really, is EVERYONE in the UK as ignorant, patronizing, parochial and uninformed about Americans as you are?

You haven't even a clue what people eat here in the USA OTHER than "It's not proper English food, yada, yada, whine, complain. Really, since when did England ever produce any 5 star food? It's (stereotypically) bland, fatty, starchy, overcooked and rank. And you eat offal, regularly. That's supposed to make me think you know what good food tastes like? NOT!

Do you think we haven't got the latest "free range" this and that and "organic" cheese posthumously fermented in the wrinkly vagina's of ex nun's? That's appropriately describes what I think of certain soft cheeses like Camembert and Limburger.

I obviously exaggerate but we have all the trendy and organic foods here too, you just have look beyond Krogers for them. But then you didn't look beyond your stereotypes of Americans, did you?

It's like you people can't stop going on and on about something that is so simple to do. You may even be surprised that we knew how to do it without your assistance and have been doing so for hundreds of years.

The vast majority of us gave up on Velveeta, long before grade school. Just because some chain restaurants haven't is not our fault. You still buy their crap and eat it.

Some of us even had great cheeses to begin with. I'll wager Vermont, New York and Wisconsin already produce any dairy based comestible better than that produced in Blighty. Some local hams are being produced that rival those in Spain. And there are a quite a few wines from New York State that put your rotgut to shame. Locally grown beef (raised without antibiotics) is on a par with Wagyu and no where near as expensive.

And in the end, it's a damn good thing that you aren't getting any of them; so there's more left for me.

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