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Why do they keep pushing bacon

Real bacon made by drying out pork in a barrel of salt is one thing the crap they sell in supermarkets as UK bacon that is full of known poisons is another.

Getting real bacon in the UK is increasingly difficult, you find a retailer only for it to become polluted as soon as demand picks up.

The fact is that UK food is so full of crap they would not be able to sell it in counties with integrity like Germany for instance.

It is less of a cancer risk to smoke 40 fags a day and be a vegan than eat UK meat, CJD didn't fix itself, the pork superbug has already been found in UK supermarkets, chernobyl radiation still in lamb beef/dairy and all of it full of crap they know kills people.

The UK used to have tight controls on food standards but today they have all been thrown away so the "meat industry" can sell you whatever they like without facing any reprecussions.

Anyone still eating UK meat of any kind is signing their own death warrant and the veg option isn't much better.

How many ex-smokers will be refused treatment for bowel cancer when it was eating meat that is killing them? zero because the news has already censored for years and it is always presented as being their own fault.

Now you know make the right choice for yourself and your family there is still time

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