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So I'd rather enjoy life taking a few risks than living in fear that I might die, most likely by giving myself a stress induced heart attack.

What the hell ever happened to being sensible? Sorry, we're so desenstized these days that we need the Nanny State to ram it's latest terrifying threat down our throats to make us pay attention. So what if I eat bacon, I don't eat it every day! Heck I think I've eaten it twice this month in total. I've never smoked, I drink maybe a pint or two a week max, I try to walk 2-3 miles a day to work. I like doner kebabs and chips, sweet an sour chicken balls but I eat them maybe once every 2-3 months 'cos I'm over 40 and I know my guts can't take that punishment these days. Moderation. I love biscuits and crisps but I try to think twice before finishing off a packet of digestives these days. Moderation. While all those around me have hit 40 and seem to have gone mad and started running marathons and Lord knows what, plus cutting out everything they're told to in the media, they'll probably get run over while running!

Me, I hope to have a few more happy years before my guts fall out of my arse and my brain is rotten from all the CJD, stress, strokes and onset of Alzheimers. I won't just stop doing things that I enjoy, I won't live a boring, uninteresting life ( not yet anyway ) with nothing to look forward to. Life is for living, not worrying about dying. You're going to die, fact. Stop worrying and start living.

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