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I am with you on that one matey (btw I don't smoke and my wifey by coincidence is a cancer treatment specialist).

When I last had a proper job in London, I would regularly eat two awesome croissants filled with scrambled egg and crispy bacon for brekkie almost every day.

A young numpty from the marketing dept said that it would put me in my grave prematurely - all that fat and calories for someone my age etc... I retorted that I cycled 100 miles a week to/fro the office in central London, what did he think was most likely to have an impact on my method of loosening mortal coils etc?

Btw rivers and canals are much nicer to cycle along than roads, especially in London.

I didn't get a terribly cohesive response....

After the job mentioned above I used to cycle across Hyde Park Corner every morning, which put THE FEAR OF GOD into the non-cyclists (all the more so for drivers), then I pointed out that I dis-mounted and used the pedestrian crossing; I may be more than a little crazy, but I am not completely bonkers.

Have one on me!

Jay (former Risk Consultant)

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