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Yeah, OK. Think of it like poker.

So I'm sitting across the card table from a guy with a skull for a head. I know that eventually this Death guy is going to lay down a winning hand -- a KILLER hand. Death always wins in the end. But sometimes the game can go on for a hundred years. If you're lucky, and and if you play your cards well.

Say I'm 30 years old. I have a pair of sixes, and otherwise the hand is junk. Do I throw out the junk, draw some new cards, and try to better my odds of winning this hand?

What would any poker player do?

I'm 30 years old, and I'm 40 pounds overweight. Don't eat as well as I might. I know that Death guy is going to get me sooner or later, and I might prefer later. So do I lose some weight and cut out the daily bratwursts, in order to better my odds of beating him a little longer?

It's down to odds, right, just like in poker. Death could lay down four of a kind, and I could fall down an open sewer manhole tomorrow. But there is an element of choice involved as well. If I eat a somewhat more plant-based diet, I might have a little less chance of having my colon surgically removed, or the arteries in my heart plug up. The cards are a little better, and I might stay in the game a little longer.

Most of the dietary headlines are old news. If you don't know what a healthy diet looks like, then you've probably been asleep for the last 30 years. But you can play the cards however you like. Your game, man.


Now I'm waiting for Lewis to chime in with an oppy that the WHO's bacon proclamation is a sign of global cooling.

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