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Complete baloney

Saying "Processed meat" causes cancer* is about as specific as saying "ceiling insulation" causes cancer. What we need to know is, what exactly in "Processed meat" is causing it? Is it the preservatives, nitrites, acidity regulators, colour regulators or any of that other 'E-number' crap? Or is it also applicable to something like, say, Parma Ham (only 2 ingredients, pork+salt) ??

If it's applicable to all processed meat (and this applies also to the "red meat" overly-broad category), what's the difference in cancer-causing rates between organic grass-fed free ranging cows and farmed pigs or chickens force-fed with swill and antibiotics in cages so small they can't turn around in?

*actually, a slightly higher risk of cancer, but the correct terminology won't sell papers and page views, will it?

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