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Potential fine: I think the ICO can fine up to £0.5m

The value of the company: shares have gone from 268p on Thu to 264p on Friday: the company is now worth £36.2m less than it was.

Plus, sundry costs to tidy up, say £2m?

Total: £38.7m

And that, is why it probably just became a decent short term *speculative* investment play. I'm AC because I too work for a bank and can't give investment advice. I guess you could net an upside of about 9.5% as the market corrects the drop over the next few days.... unless its a BP moment, but without American help, that's unliklely.

I do hope I'm wrong. And I hope I'm wrong because their current customers walk away faster than they can attract new replacement customers. Which is what all the bluster about contracts & laws is designed to achieve - prevent a mass walk out.

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