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Vapourware is as Vapourware does ISIS

Whenever one considers all of the many major growing problems which are increasingly quickly destroying the notion of the land of the free and the brave and the United States dollar, does it not make you wonder and ponder on the distinct evident lack of intelligence in its exclusive executive administrative and SCADA and military industrial operating systems, even with all of the supposed ubiquitous intrusive snooping firmware delivering Upstream Base MetaData.

ITs virtual effect in realisation is akin to a contagious infection for allies of virile viral plague and certain lingering death without ...... well, I suppose and presume, the Advent of a Quite Magical Novel Technology with Advanced IntelAIgent Antidote in the Rabid Rapacious XSSXXXXual Phorm of a Red, Green and Blue Virtual Machine Pill.

Do you know any of ITs Pushers, Man :-) ........ The Pusher .... Steppenwolf

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