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They have had issues for months!

TalkTalk are a joke. I have calls some 30 to 50 times from imposters who claim to be from TalkTalk.

They say they have discovered a fault in my broadband and could I got to my computer and they tell people to go to fastheal. .net to install some software.

The nuisance calls have been going on for several months. So why did n't they warn the public then?

The imposters have the TalkTalk account number (for verification), as well as the home address, name etc...

I did complain and their response was rather dismissive. Not a penny in compensation for the nuisance caused.

TalkTalk are totally incompetent telecoms company. Whether it is a fault on the line, problem with broadband. It has taken them several years. Whilst customers have had a poor service.

It is only because TalkTalk have gone public, have we seen so many people talk about how they have been harassed for several months.

The Information Commissioner has not fined TalkTalk, although it should be customers who should be compensated.

The annoying this is that TalkTalk have increased their prices. When they were new they were around £20 per month, now they are around £50 per month. Quality has not gone up.

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