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I sincerely hope

that TalkTalk loses substantial amounts of business over this breach and how they handled the aftermath. Ideally they should cease to exist. Of course that's not going to happen, because somebody further down the food chain will be held accountable, while C-levels operate (everywhere in the world) on a basis of ignorance and/or plausible deniability, which is -frankly- disgusting given that they receive their pay and bonuses on a basis of carrying the burden of responsibility (they only remember that when they can claim credit for something that went okay).

I mean, if you see the tweets BBC displayed on the News Channel for minutes while discussing the issue... "Can the government not improve the UK firewall to protect us all?"

Obviously, this "we're the victims here" nonsense is working with the masses of non-IT people. And, wearing my tinfoil hat, this is going to strengthen Gov's attempts to further intrude into our internet consumption (I see Nanny Filter 2.0 coming soon)...

Given the track record of TalkTalk's security (or lack thereof) -- third time in less than 12 months? -- they should be forbidden to do business until every detail has been investigated.

Okay, I realise that I sound slightly angry... that's because it's almost Monday, and I'll be begging for budget to improve security again, and again, and again (there's a little bit of TalkTalk happening in every big company until CTO's are held personally responsible for security breaches)...

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