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Notas Badoff

When do we recognize the canary's notes?

As a user of Kaspersky's products, I've been wondering for awhile regarding their situation re: location in the land of Putin. How the heck can they keep the company going? Either they've long ago started on the slippery slope of 'cooperation' in order to keep running or they can get closed down at any point. I don't see any other options. Either it's shit or soon to be shut.

All those points mentioned in the article about personal vulnerabilities, especially where people reside in the aggrieved country, well, where are the key contributors to Kaspersky located? How would you organize the simultaneous exit of all those people and families? And to where?

How do you start a company when the terminal trust issue will be "but they are located where <Godwin> does <analogies>!"? And you're not Godwin and don't even know they exist (yet).

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