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@I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

He was quite a nice guy by all accounts. There's 2 versions of why the song didn't have lyrics:

1) (From the man himself): The original lyrics were about cowboys on the prairie; which wouldn't have gone down too well with the Russian authorities at the time; being all American and all. (Also explains the big Aiyeeeeeeeeee! cowboy whoop in the middle).

2) (From his son): A disagreement with the guy who wrote the lyrics, so he just did without.

A song with a title that contained both 'trol' and 'lol' couldn't fail to be a hit; and when you fire the video up it is definitely not disappointing. A song before it's time.

PS. Hitler Gangnam style. That's massive bad taste and I'm still sniggering. One of us is a terrible person and I'm hoping it's not me. Without much optimism, to be frank.

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