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Didn't whizz over my head. Doesn't work here in the US. Private industry does the majority of R&D work here and they only go to Universities and Colleges to do the work if they can guarantee it will still be the property of the corporation, not the University, primarily through grants and fellowships.

Maybe the Fraunhofer Institute can provide European (primarily German) companies with their research IP but they don't give them to US companies and they don't give them away for free. NASA, whose work is funded by the US taxpayer; does not give away their IP. The only time there is cooperation between education and private industry is when money changes hands. So why would there be any incentive for private industry to use the Universities as anything besides a source of potential employees? Once they are employees, much of the costs of R&D are captured just hire the best and brightest.

Any government bureaucracy is incredibly inefficient and slow and using the Universities and Colleges only means they milk the work even longer. Large agencies like NIH and NIST can do great work, but private industry does it better and faster if there is money to be made. And there is always money to be made, one way or another. Sadly, treating a disease is always more profitable and easier than curing one.

The only time there is real innovation is when the lives of a significant part of the population are at risk.

The US Moon program is likely the only time in US history when that was not true. And that was not the most efficient undertaking. World Wars tend to provide ample motivation to innovate but only for weapons and spinoffs.

And the reason for my comment about you being a "victim" is here you are complaining about the US again like that's ever going to solve anything. Stop blaming us and our corporations for your problems. You created so many without our assistance, I'm sure you can manage to solve them all without our involvement.

Using our taxes to pay for funding R&D through the state and private colleges is a piss poor "investment" because they won't care about the cost when they are using your tax money.

Corporations deserve to reap some rewards for their efforts and that's where you seem to have a problem. YOU don't think that they should be able to make a profit. The same mindset gets you the problems of Greece.

Pure Socialism/communism does not work and they never will. You eventually run out of other peoples money too soon. If everyone is on the dole, who's left to work and pay taxes? No one, it's a big pyramid scheme. It's the same with using taxes for research.

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