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Microsoft promises Clang for Windows in November Visual C++ update

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Standards? From Micros~1?!?

Developers will also welcome Clang because of its better standards compliance compared with Visual C++, for C as well as C++.

That's the "No shit, Sherlock" of the year! (hence, the icon.) Micros~1's approach to standards (those that are not their own, that is) has always been, "Yeah, we've heard of them". This is a complete reversal; the ability to finally have an actual, ANSI/ISO standards-compliant C/C++ compiler from Micros~1 (and one that includes all C++11/14 additions!!!) is unheard of.

My job just got a bit easier.

Now, the cynic in me thinks that this is purely an economic move on Micros~1's part; now they can ...what's the euphemism-du-jour..."make redundant"?...all the wankersdevelopers who are unwilling or incapable of generating a standards-compliant compiler. But why rain on my parade? Woot!

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