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one large logical fallacy (pr phallacy?) in most large programs and government ideas

is the belief that moar money == Results!

the amount of money funneled in does not magically make physics change or truths to pop out and into Scientist (capital S for a reason) heads. It's what the money supposedly provides-the hardware, the motivation, and the time to create experiments and develop ideas into reality.

More hardware and heads, often becomes more waste. Unless there is a specific, explict need then more money is *detrimental* to results.

Tell us you need xbillion to complete a large ultracollider, with a BOM and estimates for parts, then we'll support your tax. But tell us we just need to grab xbillions for Science In General then you're doing nothing different than any other crony program where some pols decide which of their friends or ideological pet ideas get money, with almost no public oversight. Sounds a lot like that "evil military/industrial complex" with the "black budgets" we were supposed to be so frightened of.

But in the end, give government money to do with what they wish and we all get screwed while a select few gain more power.

Science should never be a religion, tithed for whatever use the Supreme Scientist or Government Official should decide at any time. Nor should it pretend that the transfer of wealth directly produces anything other than a transfer of wealth.

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