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May, or may not...

Mark well Theresa May's weasel words: "Members of this House are not above the law or beyond the scope of investigatory powers." You have to give her full marks for wilful obfuscation! No-one was arguing that MPs should be above the law. If they contravene the law they can be investigated (and have been fined/jailed in some cases). And, since the Recall of MPs Act 2015, constituency voters can remove MPs found to have broken the rules (well, certain rules anyway).

Sadly, with a handful of honourable exceptions, the MPs have only just woken up to the pervasive evil that is blanket surveillance. If they do not like the idea of all their own communications (e.g. with constituents, lawyers, other MPs, Ministers, parliamentary committees, lobbyists, etc.) being swept into the haystack, they might finally understand why Joe Public is so averse to it. Their late arousal might still achieve some good ... but I'm not holding my breath on that.

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