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Hated Capita Contingent Labour One contract will be overhauled


The fact that Capita is the ONLY supplier is a bit suspicious.

The fact that Capita, as the sole, "neutral" and monopoly supplier, is allowed to bring 20% of all business through its own group makes me wonder.

The fact that the contract itself appears to be secret (e.g. not available anywhere) is also a bit suspicious.

The fact that it is for such a long term is yet more suspicious.

The fact that CLOne has been promoted internally amongst Government agencies and departments to be the go-to contract model above anything else (even where Consulting One etc would be far more appropriate) is even more suspicious.

It all makes me think that CLOne was the result of a back-hand deal constructed to benefit that sole, 80% neutral supplier who is now beginning to feel bad about it.

But what do I know? I'm only on the receiving end of it.

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