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"Before you know it you will receive emails from the manufacturer... "

I understand the dread from the part of the savvy user/consumer of having bits of kit accessible from the internet, even more so if they can autonomously connect 'home'. However there can be reasons to connect bits of kit around the home so that they can talk to each other. Maybe I want to control some consumption patterns myself instead of having the electric company throttle usage for me. Maybe for some people it's just cool to be able to put the kettle on remotely, what's wrong with toys and having a bit of fun?

Seems to me that a key piece of technology in the future is going to be a powerful and easily configurable home router. If people (especially younger ones who have grown up with always-on connectivity) are willing to control their kettles and fridges from their smartphone, they will also be both willing and capable to play around with their routers. All it would need is simply to identify every connected device and group them into devices that either can or cannot connect to the wider internet. Anything that needed connecting to from outside the home could be accessed securely through a properly configured VPN.

As far as I know it's already possible to get routers with inbuilt VPNs, the router I have at home already gives me a pretty good visibility of what's going on on the network if I can be bothered to look.

Maybe something for school's IT curriculum should be how to use IT properly, instead of whatever passes for IT teaching these days

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