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They're still selling Teasmades and Goblin is looking at cracking the North American market.

We had a very early model years ago; it actually worked quite well for what it was. Obviously you didn't put it anywhere near the bed, it was both an automatic tea maker and an industrial accident generating machine. The newer ones appear to be almost safe to have at one's bedside. I'm just not sure that a 400ml teapot is going to be large enough to start two people of a morning. They're also a hassle to set up and so on but you typically own one because its an object d'art, they go with the plaster ducks and brass pictures, plastic covers on the sofas and so on.

(Anyway, I'm retired, more or less, so I don't see the point in having an alarm clock.)(Or rather, using one of the things.)

(I'm still trying to figure out why anyone would want a WiFi enabled kettle or coffee machine.)

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