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Marketing speak says that you MUST, repeat MUST go out and buy a new connected kettle TODAY!

How else will you be able to boast about it to your friends on the internet from your Mom's basement? (ok, I'm kidding a bit here)

Even if every kettle on the market comes with a Wi-Fi connection actually configuring it to use your Wi-Fi router is another thing. An kettle of mine that has this feature can go whistle (wot boiling kettler are supposed to do ok!) until the cows come home before I let it connect to the internet.

Before you know it you will receive emails from the manufacturer saying

"I'm sorry Dave you have been using your kettle too much. Unless you pay us another £100 to unlock the device it will now take 20 minutes to come to the boil rather than two."

Or words to that effect heralding the advent of User CALS for domestic appliances.

Sorry, no no no no no no no no no and NO.

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