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Australian government demands signoff on telco network designs

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Sounds like the Australian government is turning into the same shit that the EU Polit-bureau and CFR-run US government are: a farce and a puppet theater to entertain and distract you from the power grab that's really going on.

All in the name of that ludicrous scarecrow of "terrorism".

We are living on a planet run by organized crime, sitting comfortably on top of any elected government there is.

Democracy is the ONLY government form that offers a 100% chance to be corrupted, which is why we must bring it everywhere, even if it means bombing runs.

A Kingdom does offer some chance to corrupt, but nowhere near 100%. Of course, the son of a good King could be demented and make for a very bad king, but Banksters and Corporations might still not get what they want out of him.

But in Democracy, it works every time. When you control the money and the media, you automatically gain control over politicians.

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