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Also on that link I give above it was more for the quote than the analysis of the author. He blames BSD way too much for the problem and implies them caring about POSIX (or indeed stability and not constantly breaking APIs) is passe and holding progress back when the truth is Red Hat went out of its way to make sure as many frameworks the FOSS desktop environments would come to depend on, would be near impossible to port to other OS as possible to the point of ripping up and throwing way frameworks that did get ported like HAL. There was definitely a need for some of what Red Hat did but Red Hat completely did it the wrong way (for anybody but their shareholders) which was predictable and its on the rest of the commercial *nix community (who actually do most of the FOSS development) for going along with it. Some may make their bones on Linux and enjoy it now but lets see how they like it as Red Hat starts being able to dictate more and more in the ecosystem with fewer and fewer viable alternatives. Forking is only as viable as your resources and your user base.

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