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Or do what I did,

Disable the windows update altogether, I do not see the point of this culture in which you switch the machine on and everything updates itself breaking stuff here and there with the best intentions.

Windows is something that is confined to a VM now to run legacy windows software or windows software that doesn't run in Linux or doesn't have a native equivalent.

Linux is a hot mess (less so every day that passes, but still) hard to explain to newbies.

The advantage? You have freedom to kick that mess around whatever means you see fit, the mess will just obey your commands. Once you get a hold of it it pays immensely. Not everybody appreciates it though.

What I find amusing is that the majority of the people complaining here will scream murder and just carry on like they always do once they get used to the new way of working.

MS is just the old vampire telling its servant; I'm your master, Windows user, do my bidding, I promise you eternal life.

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