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I think they all should be recalled for installation of smarter software, that not only recognizes when a test is performed, but also when someone is trying to find out about the software itself.

To those who are babbling about restricting access to markets: You are mistakenly thinking we live under that fabled political system called "democracy". So you believe in the puppet theater front of a new, modern fascism, where corporations call the shots and the input of elected officials is a carefully kept up illusion. (TTIP anyone?)

You might think Hitler did a disservice to fascism, with the term getting confused with all sort of other things. But he worked out quite well for the corporations and bankers who funded him. They never expected or intended for him to win his strange crusade. As a whole, it worked out even better than all the other wars, where banksters have been digging up crazy people to start wars and then financing both sides for endless fun and profit...

In modern fascism, wars are all waged at safe distance and to 'bring democracy' as the most easily corruptible form of government. No corporation or bank will ever really be harmed by a government. Individual employees who write bad software, maybe... But the ~140 families (see Swiss statistical study) owning 90+% of the worlds largest banks and corporations will never be touched.

If you think Lehman Brothers was an example to disprove this - no, that was just several banksters taking out another one, which they had grown particularly tired of.

So, nothing will happen to VW, aside from the possibility of some people looking at other brands to buy. Either way, if I was a car buyer, I'd rather buy a car that spits out too much nox, than a car with ignition key issues that could lead to accident and immediate, personal death.

Winterkorn was pretty clever to get out right away... he couldn't have held on for very long anyway. And he would have just gotten tarred and feathered over and over.


- The intelligence of a species is inversely proportional to its distance from the center of the galaxy it lives in. This perfectly explains why this planet is such a loony bin and why our idiotic culture still revolves around the biggest monkeys trying to keep all the bananas for themselves.

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