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keeps trying to sneak in

Removed the w10 updates, hid them. Didn't he registry changes. Removed the spywaretelemetry updates. Last weekend made sure all was right with my machine. Played some and shut it down.

Today notice a thing with a name like compattelrun.exe or something (can't recall right now) which was keeping my disks busy. Did some hunting and found out it was another "w10 compatibility checker" for win7. Only after a quick look I found threads where people were saying it was running on 8 and 10 machines as well. MS were their usual helpful selves, telling people both but to trust them for their own protection.

So I went in and removed the updates related to it and.... WTF? Kb305583 or whatever it is installed on my system. Despite removing it, hiding it, registry set to no upgrades and updates set to "off". It still got in.

Any one in NZ wanting to take this case? By turning off updates I explicitly stated that MS could not change my system. By putting this in they're in breach of our laws.

Tomorrow my network goes *nix only. No more DHCP, will not let windows on the network at all. Will be interesting to see what happens from there. I have 3 other OS's on that box that are safe so won't physically disconnect it. Will be interesting to see if it manages to get around that.

We're taking as much as 7 machines a week back from 10 now. Which is 100% of the win10 machines that come in to the shop. Not one customer wants it. We have seen a few bricked ones as well, a couple of HP machines that stop booting almost like a RAM failure only they don't boot with new ram. Have found a 1gig stick (only 1!) Will let them boot, flash the bios, fixed. Just don't let 10 boot again, or it'll be bricked again.

/end rant

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