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F ****** stars to M$

(@ Gerry Perez - now tell us how you REALLY FEEL) (btw, upvote 1000)

A few thoughts/questions:

First, why exactly does M$ so desperately want Win1 0 to be everywhere? Why are they forcing it upon people who don't want it?

Why are they offering it "for free" to users of Windows 7, 8, and 8.1?

Why are they offering a €100.00 "incentive" for folks to trade in their old PC and get a shiny new Win1 0 box?

Could it be with Win1 0, UEFI, TPM, M$ Device Guard, Intel AMT, DRM, and Secure Boot, they've attained a sort of Nerdvana, where they TOTALLY control your PC, whether you like it, consent to it, or not?

What happened to the EU on this? Data Privacy and all that. Hey Oettinger, where are you?

And could it be that Ballmer was shown the door because he wouldn't do the dirty and approve this last step, which hands our PCs to M$ and the various TLAs and Hollyscrewed?

If they are SO DETERMINED to put this crap on our PCs, there must be something we REALLY don't need in it (or to follow).

Be Afraid (Arthur Dent and the rest of us). Be Very Afraid...

(Would like to add multiple icons, perhaps Paris drinking a beer being overlooked by a black helicopter, etc.)

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