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I just find it hard to credit, even with my extremely negative attitude toward MS, that MS could have behaved in such a dickheaded way and caused so much utterly unecessary grief to so many.

To me this ignoring of user's wishes carries a solid feel of desperation, and the reports of a not-so-spectacular take-up of Windows 10 appear to support that. Microsoft is desperately trying to halt the decline by tweaking every dial at once: cloud services, trying to be Apple with their own hardware but without much in the way of innovation (that has never been their strong suit anyway), collaborating with Google on mobile and a desperate, drunken lurch into subscription territory with Office 365 and Windows 10.

I think it's the desperation for at least ONE steady, trustworthy stream of annual revenue that must have prompted this ill advised idiocy with Windows 10.

I'm not a Windows user either - we got out of that years ago and I'm quite happy with the blend of Linux and OSX we now use.

However, there are plenty of other people out there who have to use Windows for whatever reason, and it annoys me no end that Microsoft is trying to screw them over. I have already put an article on one of my sites and another one will go live tomorrow with the the link to the Block Windows site which has scripts that slow down this idiocy somewhat until they come to their sense - if everyone who reads this posts a link somewhere it'll be hard for Microsoft to get it delisted as spam. I think it's time for a dose of Streisand Effect here :)

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