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Sick to death of Microsoft

I'm sick to death of the stupid Windows 10 "upgrade" nag. Whose computer is this?

I was shopping for Macs online today. I'm not saying "I'm voting with my wallet" or anything like that. I'm simply reporting, after the fact, what my behavior has been this week.

What I've always liked about Windows over Mac was that it gives me a decent amount of control over my personal computing platform. Since leaving DOS, every consecutive release of Windows has had slightly less of that feeling of control.

So, while I'm not in love with it, Windows 7/8 is a way to run my pro audio apps and games on reasonably priced commodity hardware. Windows 10? I don't want anything it has to offer. Obvious bait and switch is obvious. GO AWAY.

But now it seems like every Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) computer in my house is an advertising platform for the new improved Windows 10 upgrade. I reserved a copy on one computer and it keeps trying to auto install as a pre-selected "optional" update that downloads and installs without asking. I hid the optional update and a new version of the Windows 10 Upgrade Update with the same name started to autoinstall *while still hidden*. That was basically the final straw for me.

I need Windows to run my games. For everything else, why do I have it again? (And Microsoft tries so hard to make all their games run badly on Windows, pushing the X360? Do they want me to ditch Microft products entirely?)

Sick of it.

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