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A bad example, by your own admission: Apple's response to the problems with FCPX was to throw the kitchen sink at it - they listened, responded, and honed FCPX into an astonishingly good NLE. They were right to move the NLE pardigm away from the FCP7 / Premiere / Avid one - the results speak for themselves: I can put a story together in a fraction of the time it took in FCP7, and the output quality is even better than was delivered by FCP7.

With Windows 10, on the other hand, MSFT started by trying to nag people into installing and have now moved to attempting to force it. At this rate, they'll be sending heavies round to anyone not running Win10 by Christmas!

So, rather than listening to and responding to customers in the manner of Apple, Microsoft have said a big "fuck you" to their customers and seem to consider people's computer hardware to be property of MSFT.

Me, I'm getting the popcorn machine warmed up - I can feel a class action coming on!

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