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So if your machine can, it is advisable to bite the bullet and invest the time for an upgrade, just backup your important files first for ease of mind.

Interesting choice of user handle there, methinks!

If it were just a matter of how the system handled at the GUI, I doubt that there would be much of an argument about it, but that's not the main problem. "If your machine can" - that's one part of the problem, not to mention that some users have found Win10 to be somewhat unstable even if it went in without a squeak. That's not totally unheard of since drivers are always an issue at release time.

If you've taken the time to read back, you'll know that Microsoft's paradigm shift from operating systems to "system as a service" is the main cause of most quibbles. Data mining, forced advertising, forced upgrading and so forth are all examples of why it is not a good idea to move from prior supported systems. Not yet, anyway.

If you don't mind being drilled for your personal data, you don't mind your system locking up or shutting down because Microsoft forced an upgrade onto your system that doesn't work or has been insufficiently tested, you don't mind the possibility that you will be charged for its use at the company's discretion, you don't mind that Microsoft reserve the right to release personal data to government agencies without your knowledge or permission, then fine. Go for it. I hope you and Cortana are very happy together.

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