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Surely this must count as criminal mischief, MS should be held liable for any problems people have because of it.

I think it could be argued that by aggressively forcing people to upgrade, the users have only agreed to their T&Cs under duress. I think that UK consumer law thus invalidates them, I recall some discussion about the required balance of power to agree to a contract. This means that any get out clauses for MS ("you shall not sue us in any other jurisdiction than the one that will cost you the most in travel and court costs so we can drain your wallet before you can harm us" and the like) are also invalid, landing them squarely with quite an ugly own goal.

If so, I'm happy, because they're worth it. I truly hope that some enterprising MP starts prodding Trading Standards and the police to take them to task about this, preferably in court and in a way that will hurt them enough to think twice about pulling such a stunt again.

Can someone point me at the Win 10 T&Cs? If they contain matters that harm user privacy we could even punt that ball straight into the EC Commission as another example of US overreach. Might as well use the death of Safe Harbor for all it's worth...

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