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So tonight's tasks once I get home

1. Unplug network from PC just in case.

2. Boot up and make sure my Win 7 updates, hasn't been switched to 'auto' mode (it's always set to notify with no downloading), and fix as needed.

3. Move a few files around, to free up one of the SSDs (the newest one only has about 10GB used on a 256GB drive in slot E: ).

4. Download Debian (or one of the other distribution, not sure which yet).

5. Write Debian to bootable USB, and then install to newly freed up SSD.

6. Set system to dual boot.

7. Grab Steam in Debian, and have some fun.

Hmm, probably add a step before 1, Open beer, or wine, depending on how I feel. -->

At some point later, I might Install Win 7 in a VM under Linux.

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