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some pretty good products

I think they did Word and Excel for Windows (originally quite well). Ironic they were first released on Mac as Windows didn't really work properly till Win3.0 (or probably 3.1). While NT 3.5 was first version of NT (1993) and based a lot on OS/2 and VMS, it unlike MS Basic for CP/M and MS SQL 6.x was actually developed by MS and pretty good. They downgraded it in 1996 by including "features" inspired by Win95, which was hardly more than all the 32bit and media extensions for Win 3.11 for Workgroups rolled up and slapped under a new shell (desktop). The win9x desktop was a good idea, (though not original) but the File Explorer part is still limited and buggy compared to xcopy or win 3.x File manager.

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