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@Asok Asus

Many thanks for the detailed information and the BAT file.

Last night, the Windows Update icon was on the Shut down button again. I'd done Patch Tuesday the day before, but KB2952664 was being offered yet again in my Win7 virtual machines and on their Win7 host.

As I hid this update yet again, I noticed that Windows Update was now set to install updates automatically -- replacing the previously-selected "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them" option.

That's the last straw, and I have now selected the "Never check for updates (not recommended)" option.

Windows Update was for many years our defence against inimical software. It is a bitter irony that it itself is now the most immediate threat. In my astonishment, I can only think that the minds at Microsoft have been addled by mobile telephony.

Here, meanwhile, the Linux Mint 17.2 host machine is nearly ready to take over.

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