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Microsoft now awfully pushy with Windows 10 on Win 7, 8 PCs – Reg readers hit back

Garry Perez

Dear Bill,

You and I were, if not best buddies, certainly people that got on. For 30 odd years we have had a special relationship, DOS, 3.1 WIN95/98 (cough Vista). And you know what I even told my mates how good you were. Things were sweet.

Then win 10.

F*ck you

F*ck you in the a*** with a f****** 10 inch c******r sidewards

F*ck you until you f******g f*****d up f*****d f*****s f*ck off.

I've now gone to linux Mint and will now be converting all my non-tech mates over to it.

So yeah, its not going to be the year of Linux, but y'know, we, the tech nerds support our family and friends and when we tell them to fuck windows off, you are sliding down a slippery slope.

For the record, el Reg users, I held off going to Linux for years. All I can say is what was I thinking? Mint is a fantastic piece of software and is now on my laptop and my friends. Works great and to top it off, no fucking fucked up fucked ribbon.

So one more time


(bit of a rant, soz people)

restored with asterisks by El Mod because it was quite a funny rant really, if a bit too sweary for normal service

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