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W. Anderson

Lenovo struggle to enter enterprise computing

Lenovo is unfortunately in a difficult decision position regarding Storage, that as credible market research and experts in that space show has become stagnant, so a buyout is not logical at this time.

As a result of Lenovo's tie-in almost exclusively to Microsoft's technologies - Windows Server, Hyper-V and Azure, it is also unlikely that the company get's good traction in Cloud Computing, Website Services, Social Media infrastructure and large Data Center business, all of which are overwhelmingly dominated by Linux and other Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) that Lenovo cannot adopt against their strict commitment and obligations to Microsoft based solutions only.

Maybe getting involved in the Corporate business end of technology, which is ostensibly quite different from the declining "PC sales" market, and without any experience or in-house technological innovation in those areas, was not a feasible idea or wise move.

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