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Big Data = Big changes for Airlines and others

Bit late on the article response but working within the Travel domain I get why Big Data is so important to so many companies.

The big fight on at the moment is who gets the data and how due to the fragmented nature of the distribution chain. There significant changes being implemented by many airlines worldwide to incorporate a new XML messaging standard (NDC – New Distribution Capability) to replace the one been in use for many decades, in fact early 50’s. What we see now is from airlines, other vendors and intermediaries is just the start once the identification of journey requests is made available to multiple vendors prior to any booking being made.

The airlines perspective on this is that if they know you in advance of a booking being made they can tailor a personalised offer to you rather than the standard fare. Whilst this sounds good a whole load of other airlines also know they are interested in travelling on these dates to that destination. The ramifications how this expanded data set will be used is yet to be understood even within the industry, but one thing for sure is that it is coming, very soon.

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