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Captain DaFt

The whole problem's in your PR

Seriously, you're a news site, use your contacts (Wut?) to get other news agencies on board. The right (wrong?) press could do wonders with the stages of this saga:

Bureaucracy Forces British Aerospace Venture Overseas

Foreign Government Holds British Aerospace Venture Hostage; Demands Munitions Capable Facility In Exchange

Hostile EU Business Climate Forces British Aerospace Venture To Relocate To US

British Aerospace Venture Being Stymied By US Paranoia?

US Government still Mum On Why It's Holding Back British Aerospace Venture; Is Google Involved?

US Agency Maintains Secrecy Over Fate of British Aerospace Venture

Oh, and the DM version (Just as legit as the rest):

US Government Agency Refuses To Comment On Alien Space Flight From England

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