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Scout Association's shelved database won't be back until next year

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Half the problem is that everyone involved in Scouting is a volunteer....and managing all the paperwork takes far too much something online *ought* to help. Eg: tracking nights away or hikes away should run throughout a young persons life, from their first hut sleepover as a beaver to their Gold/Queens Scout Expedition within Scouting...but on paper this rarely happens.

Sadly my experience helping run an Explorer Unit of over 30 & using eDofE (online electronic DofE) tells me that the online systems simply add to the overhead of time used up.

The idea that the scoutmaster can manage subs etc easily with paper shows someone who doesn't do any of this. Try arranging a few things for a large group, with some parents who regularly forget to send little Johnny/Jessy without money for an activity, or who NEVER respond to any requests - it is laughable if it weren't so sad....

I am frankly planning my exit just due to the sheer number of hours of my time the whole thing eats up - the planning for activities, the evenings themselves, the weekend things, the management of finances and badge lists etc etc. Parents make all sorts of excuses to not help out, and don't realise WE are parents giving time up as well - it is almost as though they think we are paid resources!

So I wish good luck to the online Compass system, & I hope it doesn't contribute to others giving up their efforts!

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