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Back in the real world

Firstly, it has to be said that the Scout Association should be commended for taking the difficult decision of pulling the plug on this, until they were sure it was secure.

However, it should never have got to this point...................

The Adult information that we required access to to ensure that adults are properly cleared and trained to take kids away and run a section night, is accessible, unfortunately we as volunteers have to go through a lengthy process to get information to which as a Group Scout Leader, I require.

So we have a long winded process of doing what we need done, the reality in a voluntary organisation is that stuff doesnt get done, unless it really has to, because of The Scout Association's incompetance on this matter.

Data wasnt stolen, but they have set our record keeping back 10+ years, well done The Scout Association, if you are going to take on a huge project, ensure that you can do it properly.

Will leasons be learnt, unfortunatley with IT and the Scouts I dont have much faith with that... But the kids will still enjoy camping. The real questions is how many leaders will leave because all they ever hear is that COMPASS is the excuse..................

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