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>Not really. They are in plain view.<

Of course information is in plain view, if you are prepared to look in that direction.... but even then the media guidance interpretation is typically negative, because negative news makes for a better story, and even more so when it can be formulated in jingoistic terms of 'us and them'.

Do you really believe that 'immigration' media reporting is balanced?.... that many sections of society see it like you do?

How many times do you see a 'good news story' relating to EU membership..... and how many times do you see a 'bad news story' relating to EU membership?

The BBC and The Guardian regurgitate these stories.

As for the FT and the CBI..... do vast swathes of the UK voting public listen to them?

However, they will listen, and their voices will gain traction once the debate begins in earnest.

Hence, as with Scotland, the vote will be in favour of remaining in the community.

... and similarly as with Scotland, once it's all decided, we will return to EU bashing once again.

I guess it's in our tribal (and tabloid) DNA.

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