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> You plan includes a 100Kb Fair Use Data limit for the EU.

You think you're kidding, eh?

Under a change lobbied on by the phone operators, the current "fair use cap" is:

* 100 MB of data

* 100 minutes of calling


The rationale: So that customers don't drift towards the operators in the country with the cheapest rates.

Never mind that there is something called "single market" which sort of is the exact opposite of what this "fair use" attempts to protect (cartels). Never mind either that, let us say Vodafone, while charging UK rates to UK customers, have a big part of their R&D and IT resources in lower cost countries such as the Czech Republic. If it works for them, why not for us customers?

Now, we can bitch about it on some glorified blog such as this one, or actually do something about it, of which contacting the European Commission and writing to your Member of the European Parliament¹ are two good starts. I have already done the former, and I'm waiting for the EC's reply in order to follow up with the MEPs.

One thing is certain: They won't listen to you if you don't speak out in the first place.

¹ All MEPs represent all Europeans. Get in touch with the ones you think are most likely to be sympathetic to your particular issues--they don't need to be from your own country or even speak your own language. Certain German and Austrian MEPs can be very useful.

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