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Are the wholesale prices anything like £1/KB inside the EU? I doubt it. The retail price people pay is based on what the operators can get away with, in a marketplace which is uncompetitive from the consumer's point of view (i.e. if you want to take your number with you, you are forced to take your existing SIM with you)

I don't see anyone's business model being broken by this change. Operator A will simply disallow roaming to operator B if operator B's wholesale rates are too high. There are probably other operators in the same country that A can deal with instead. That part potentially *is* competitive.

In any case, when roaming does take place, it's quite likely that the amount of wholesale revenue generated by B's customers roaming onto A will be around the same as A's customers roaming onto B. So it's all just funny money anyway (unlike what the customers pay, which is real money)

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