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Oh VM (Sighs)

When they're good they're very very good.

But when things go wrong they stink.

It's as if they are running on railway tracks.

As long as things are according to plan they give a wonderful service, extremely good value. Really helpful customer service.

But if things go wrong they just don't seem to know how to manage it.

Front line staff aren't kept informed of problems so that they will be going through the "turn it off and on again" routines while their managers know perfectly well that there is a problem down the line.

And if they do screw up you will experience really poor service from them, instead of dealing with it. they go into full scale fob you off mode and refuse to accept any kind of responsibility.

They're not in the BT Openreach league of customer avoidance, but they are getting close.

Which I assume is why they failed to warn customers about the spam flood that got through this week. Or inform us, or apologise. Or, in fact acknowledge it publicly at all.

At least that's my experience.

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